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Electrolyte Drinks & Gels

Electrolyte Drinks & Gels

Beat your best with the USN Pure Fit Range. Containing quality electrolyte drinks and energy gels to keep you going stronger for longer.

We have products for before, during and after your training and endurance events!

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Hydrator Fizz

10 x 10

Part of the Purefit Series, our Hydrator Fizz supplement is provided in 10 effervescent tablets in a tube and includes several vitamins & minerals as well as 50mg caffeine per tablet which can provide you with the energy to reach your targets.

Tick   Rehydrate

Tick   Recover & Replenish

Tick   10 x 10 tubes

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from £65.99


24 X 250ML

An energy drink, formulated to enhance mental and physical performance by combining effective ingredients that when combined have a positive effect on human physical performance.

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from £26.99


60 capsules

Supplying you with a premium capsule aimed at supporting your red blood cell formation and oxygen transport1.

The V02 MAX is designed to support your performance levels by supporting healthy oxygen transport & normal acid base metabolism and supports the reduction of tiredness and fatigue typically associated with endurance exercise.

from £30.99


24 X 250ML

An energy drink, formulated to enhance mental and physical performance by combining effective ingredients that when combined have a positive effect on human physical performance.

from £26.99

Sports Ener-G


Our Sports Ener-G supplement is the ideal pre-workout drink for any fitness fanatic. It’s vitally important to stay hydrated during exercise; our Sports Ener-G drink hydrates you whilst providing you with a healthy amount of carbohydrates, to keep you going during those long, rigorous training sessions.

  • Improves recovery and reduces muscle cramping
  • Replaces electrolytes, energy and phosphates during physical activity
  • Hydrates and tastes great
from £7.99

Power and Cramp

30 tablets

Introducing the USN Power & Cramp tablets aimed at providing you with time-release electrolytes and minerals and optimise your performance.

  • Phosphate and Power Loading
  • Vital Minerals and Electrolytes
  • Fights Muscle Fatigue
from £9.99

Pro Energy Chews

10 x 12

Delicious energy chews, formulated to provide you with a sustained source of energy to push you further during your endurance training.

  • Recover
  • Replenish
  • 10 Chewable Tablets

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from £65.99


24 x 440ML

Spike Burn provides a great tasting, sugar-free energy drink to help you make the most of every training session.

For that extra push when it matters most, the USN Spike Burn can be the perfect addition to your diet.

  • Sugar Free
  • Fantastic Energy Source
  • 24 x 440ml
from £29.99

Protein Seed & Nut Vegetarian

12 x 65g

Looking for a delicious intra or post exercise energy snack? Look no further. USN's tasty and indulgent Energy Bars are here, in 3 great varieties: Protein, Nuts & Seeds and Honey, Nuts & Seeds.

Whether you've just finished a triathlon, it's halftime of your rugby match or even if it's just mid afternoon and you're just feeling peckish, this is the bar for you. Perfect for any time of day!

from £32.99
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24 x 36g

Our Burst Energy Gels provide you with a convenient energy source, which is ready to take, and is available in a variety of tasty flavours.

Each 36g sachet of our Burst Energy Gels provides you with an impressive 24.5g of carbohydrates, ideal for those needing to top up their energy levels on a long, intense endurance training session.

Tick   Supports Endurance Capacity

Tick   Boosts Energy

Tick   Increases Performance

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USN's Purefit Enduro, supporting the fitness fanatic looking to fulfil their potential! Supporting your performance energy, our great tasting Hydrating Enduro provides rehydration supplement formulated to help you refuel, hydrate and replenish.

Tick   Refuel, Hydrate and Replenish

Tick   Performance Energy

Tick   3-Stage Glycomatrix Carbohydrate Drink

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USN's Purefit Pro-Recover - providing you with the ideal supplement to help your body recover after an intense and prolonged training session.

Recovery nutrition is essential as it helps your body recuperate from the endurance demands whilst supporting your growth and strength.

Tick   Accelerated Recovery

Tick   Free from Artificial Ingredients

Tick   Great Tasting Flavours

Was £36.99

from £13.20

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