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Protein Bars & Instant Shakes

All of our protein bars and ready to drink protein shakes are high in protein and low in fat, all designed for your convenience.

Perfect for the fitness fan on the go and the health conscious person who enjoys and indulgent snack.

Protein Bars & Beverages

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Pure Protein Bars

12 x 75g

For those fitness enthusiasts on the go, try out delicious high protein bar. The USN Pure Protein bar is back full of the nutrients you need to feed your muscles.

Our delicious and nutritious bars can benefit you in the following way:

  • Convenient on-the-go supplement
  • 25g of Protein
  • 30g of Carbohydrates
  • Great tasting flavours
from £35.99

Protein Fuel 50

A delicious ready-to-drink protein shake, our Protein Fuel 50 is ideal for the busy fitness enthusiast and those with little time to prepare high protein snacks and meals! Containing an impressive 50g of protein, our convenient supplement provides you with a great source of protein whilst tasting fantastic.

  • High Protein Content Convenient
  • Ready-to-Drink Shake
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
from £25.13

Protein Fuel 25


USN's Pure Protein 25 is a Ready To Drink (RTD) high in protein, low in carbohydrate and fat meal replacement shake. It comes in a pack of 8 x 330ml bottles,perfect for anyone looking for a super tasty, convenient protein shake on the go.

  • Available in two delicious flavours; Strawberry and Chocolate
  • Can be used to replace and entire meal, or just as a snack to help avoid unhealthy food
  • 25g protein per bottle
from £21.98

Protein Delite Bars

New Flavours Available!

Try our delicious and nutritious Protein Delite Bars; USN’s popular protein bars contain up to 30g of high quality protein, 0g Trans Fat and an advanced Whey Isolate formula. An ideal snack for fitness fanatics on the go, giving you a high quality protein snack whilst tasting fantastic.

  • Up to 30g of Protein
  • Advanced Whey Protein Isolate
  • Tasty and convenient
from £44.82

Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bars

Meal Replacement

The USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic bars are incredible, providing you with a premium nutritional bar.

Great tasting flavours and providing you with over 30g of premium protein to support your challenge.

Tick   A Variety of Great Tasting Flavours

Tick   Convenient Muscle Supporting Snack

Tick   Over 30g of Protein per bar

from £43.88

Energy Bars


Looking for a delicious intra or post exercise energy snack? Look no further. USN's tasty and indulgent Energy Bars are here, in 2 great varieties: Protein, Nuts & Seeds and Honey, Nuts & Seeds.

Whether you've just finished a triathlon, it's halftime of your rugby match or even if it's just mid afternoon and you're just feeling peckish, this is the bar for you. Perfect for any time of day!

from £29.88

Diet Whey Bars

(18 x 38g)

Looking for a tasty chocolate bar that wont ruin your diet? Maybe you should try USN's Diet Whey Bars! They come in a delicious Peanut Butter Brownie flavour, giving you the sweet and sticky chocolate hit that you'd get from any othe brownie, but these bars offer a huge range of added benefits. Such as:

  • Each bar is 40% Protein
  • Only 5g Sugar
  • A guilt free sweet treat

Our Diet Whey Bars are part of the USN Weight Loss Range and come in packs of 18, with each bar weighting 38g.

price £35.99

Diet Fuel Ultralean RTD

Our Diet Fuel RTD's (Ready-To-Drink) are part of the USN Weight Loss Range. This product comes in a pack of 8 bottles with each bottle holding 330ml of ready mixed protein shake!

Simply unscrew the cap of each bottle, drink and enjoy! Perfect for replacing any meal of the day or for having a quick and tasty snack between healthy meals!

Tick   Convenient RTD (Ready-To-Drink)

Tick   Nutritious Snack - Fat Free

Tick   8 x 330ml

from £18.32

Sports Ener-G (1KG)

Our Sports Ener-G supplement is the ideal pre-workout drink for any fitness fanatic. It’s vitally important to stay hydrated during exercise; our Sports Ener-G drink hydrates you whilst providing you with a healthy amount of carbohydrates, to keep you going during those long, rigorous training sessions.

  • Improves recovery and reduces muscle cramping
  • Replaces electrolytes, energy and phosphates during physical activity
  • Hydrates and tastes great
from £19.99

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Muscle Fuel STS Bars

Our Muscle Fuel STS bars are the ideal meal replacement, which is not only convenient for fitness fanatics on the go, but also tastes great. The Caramel shortbread flavour provides you with a healthy supply of vital nutrients to support your hard work in the gym.

  • 14.4g of high quality protein
  • 25.8g of energy packed carbohydrates
  • Tasty Caramel Shortbread flavour
from £33.90

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