R3 Excell

R3 Excell

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USN’s R3-Excell is precisely formulated to provide your body with a high level of protein, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and sugar when your body needs it most. Our tasty blend is perfect to take after long periods of intense physical activity such as military training, Iron Man events, marathons etc. It’s also extremely useful if you’re taking part in shorter, highly intensive activities like sprinting, power-lifting, weight-lifting, rugby etc. The carbohydrates provided in our R3-Excell consist of a ratio of long chain glucose polymers.

  • R3-Excell has been formulated to form an isotonic drink (if prepared correctly)
  • 19g of protein per serving
  • 69g of carbohydrates per serving
  • Includes a host of other nutrients when your body needs it most
  • 3 refreshing flavours – Orange, Tropical and Chocolate
  • Allows you to recover post exercise, resulting in growth of muscle*



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