Vooma Energy

Vooma Energy (24 Sachets)

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A popular addition to the Performance range, our Vooma Gels provide you with a convenient energy source, which is ready to take, and is available in 4 tasty flavours. Each 36g sachet of our Vooma Gels provides you with an impressive 23.8g of carbohydrates, ideal for those needing to top up their energy levels on a long, intense endurance training session.

The high levels of carbohydrates and containing other supplements such as creatine, our Vooma Gels can provide your body with the nutrients to delay fatigue and cramping, which often occurs during a prolonged training routine.

  • Improved muscle tissue function
  • Increased endurance capacity
  • Reduce fatigue and cramping
  • Keep hydrated





Earn starting from 36 Points for buying this product

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