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Amy Guy

Fitness Celebrity & Former Miss World

Gladiator ‘Siren’, International Athlete, Fitness Celebrity and Former Miss World Sports & fitness.

Amy Guy has a strong presence within the current athletic and fitness industry. Amy is a unique talent with many strings to her bow, and it would be difficult to think of any female on the UK fitness scene whos resume matches that of her.

Amy's Articles

With Amy’s athletic figure and looks she went to Miss World as Miss UK, where she won the Title of Miss World Sports & Fitness and has been the only UK contestant to ever clinch the title. This in turn invited her to take to the road and compete in a global selection of marathons.

She is a recently converted Modern Pentahlete, the grueling event that combines the five events of – Fencing, Swimming, Showjumping, Running and Shooting.

She appeared on the new series of ‘Gladiators’ as the ferocious and undefeated Siren and is one of the new sports presenters on Sky Sports. With her bubbly and charismatic personality, Amys fresh faced looks and recognizable face have fronted many leading sports brands campaigns, including Speedo, NIKE and SONY.

Amy is also a feature writer for many of the leading sporting and fitness magazines on the shelves today. She writes and performs monthly workout videos and articles for Womens Fitness, Runners World and Muscle & Fitness and has just begun filming her own fitness series TV. She aims to continue to promote fitness for Women and encourage girls from a young age to get involved in fitness and to form a healthy lifestyle. With her involvement in sport and passion for fitness Amy has been involved with the new website Famously Fit.com alongside Lee Latchford Evans. Famously Fit is a revolutionary celebrity health and fitness magazine. Amy writes weekly fitness features, interviews and hosts her own fitness shows and TV entertainment giving advice on nutrition, exercise and a whole sphere of well being.

Amy is a proud to be a USN hero.


  • 2013 - GB Polo Team

  • Sprint Hurdling & Horse Riding

    International competition

  • Miss World - Sport & Fitness

    Miss World Finals 2005

  • Marathon PC 3hrs 52 mins

    Amy has taken part in 5 marathon runs across the globe for charity with a respectable PB after just 4 weeks of training!

My Training Plan

  • mon

    Run and Core Training

    Low-intensity 5k run in the morning, followed by 60 min core training session

  • tue

    Swimming and Track Sprint

    A morning swim is followed by a track sprint session, usually 10 x 300m sprint

  • wed

    Shooting and Fencing

    Target shooting and 30 mins kettleball training in the morning, with fencing training in the afternoon

  • thu

    Swimming and Sprint Training

    Swimming in the morning and sprint track session in the afternoon

  • fri

    Run and Fencing

    Another low-intensity 5k run in the morning, followed by fencing training

  • sat

    Polo/Horse Riding or Rest Day

  • sun

    Polo/Horse Riding or Rest Day