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Jodie Broughton

Huddersfield Giants Player – Super League

Honours: 5 caps and 5 tries for England Knights, I was elected Vice captain for the Alitalia cup in which we won by beating Ireland and Scotland!

Hero: Jason Robinson Rugby League and Rugby Union legend also a World Cup winner! From Leeds and all round role model. Spartacus is also a hero of mine.


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Favourite Food: West Indian special Jerk Chicken Rice and Peas with sweet gravy!

What got me into Rugby League: My dad Used to play when I was younger and I used to watch. He taught me how to play and it all stemmed from there.

How fast am I: When competed in fastest man I ran the 92m grass pitch in 10.8 (in studs).

Favourite USN Product: Pure Protein GF  (Chocolate flavour), Amino Pro Nano Stack,  Cyto power and BCAA’s Synthos Stack.

Training regime: Consists of three gym sessions per week (upper body, lower body, power) 1 intense cardio session early in the week! 4 skill sessions in which we clock between and 5-8km per session and topped off with a competitive game at the end of the week in the European Super League.


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