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Lydia Rees

I am WBFF Bikini Competitor published fitness model but most importantly a dedicated fit mum to my little boy.

I have not always been into fitness. For years I battled with disorder eating, and applied every diet marketed as “the cure”, but it wasn’t until the birth of my little boy that I decided that I wanted to make a change not only for me, but my little boy too. I  wanted him to be inspired by a healthy and lively lifestyle so I decided to teach him through observation. I  stepped into the weights section of the gym, changed the my nutrition and training regime and have never looked back.

Lydia's Articles

I have been featured in Muscle and Fitness, FLEX and Muscular Development magazine. I am media ambassador for BEAT, the UK’s Eating Disorder Charity.
I was featured at the main female trainer in Kris Gethin’s 12 week Daily Muscle Building Trainer dispelling the myth that women will get ‘bulky’ if they step into the gym.

I have competed in Regional, National and World Level as an IFBB Bikini Competitor and is now dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves through her unique diet and training plans. ‘Having done this myself and with thousands of clients who have witnessed amazing results, I know what works. Now I want to share that with you, “ Challenge yourself to Change yourself”.


  • IFBB Bikini Competitor.

  • Ambassador of the UK's Eating Disorder charity, BEAT.

  • Featured in Muscle & Fitness, Flex and Musculur Development mags.

My Training Plan

  • mon


  • tue

    Back and Chest

  • thu


  • fri

    Shoulders and Arms

  • sat

    Legs and Plyometrics

"Don't fall for excuse... fight for commitment"

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