• Hardcore

Troy Alves

IFBB Pro Body Builder

Troy is now among the elite bodybuilders as a pro in the IFBB. His phenomenal symmetry,conditioning and engaging personality makes him a threat to take top honors in any event in which he competes.

“I got started because of peer pressure. People kept saying that I had a good physique and if I improved my legs I could do well as a bodybuilder. I was 27 when I got started and was a complete beginner.

Troy's Articles

Supplementation plays a huge role in my overall improvements.

I love the BCAA, I feel immediate results in the gym, the protein digests well and tastes great.
It has a great pump and by spreading them out it allows me to keep my protein synthesis levelled and helps me avoid that up and down spike.


  • 2013 - IFBB Europa 212

    1st Place


    4th Place

  • 2003 IFBB Arnold Classic

    10th Place

  • 2003 IFBB San Fransisco PRO

    5th Place

  • 2003 IFBB Australian PRO

    2nd Place

  • 2003 IFBB Maximus PRO

    5th Place

  • 2002 USA Heavyweight Champion

    1st Place

My Training Plan

  • mon

    Chest and Biceps

  • tue


  • wed

    Rest day

  • thu

    Back, Abs and Calves

  • fri

    Rest day

  • sat

    Shoulders and Triceps

  • sun

    Rest day

"I feel now is my time to shine and my goal is to win a pro show every year until I retire."