Recover whilst you sleep…

By Team USN | 25 June 2015 | no comments

Recover whilst you sleep…

It’s a well-known fact the sleep is vitally important to help your mind and body recover. Missing out on a good night’s sleep can result in reduced performance levels, that extra push of energy, those lightning sharp reactions, that focus in the gym… it’s all affected.

Why is sleep important?

Your body is in optimum position to recover when you’re asleep, is also means that taking advantage of this recovery time can further enhance your performance and recovery.

How can you make the most of your sleep?


You don’t repair and grow your muscle mass during training sessions; this is done during your rest periods, so make the most of your ideal rest period.


The introduction of the USN Casein – Night time Supplement, is specifically for those looking to feed their muscles whilst sleeping, whether your aiming to maintain your muscle mass, grow, or become lean, this is the ideal night time supplement.

With slow-digesting proteins feeding your muscles over an impressive 8 hour period, you’re in the perfect position to look after your body during your down time.

Recuperate, recover and grow, a great tasting shake which will do its work whilst you snooze!

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