Body Makeover

Take the Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step and decided to read about transforming yourself with the USN Body Makeover Challenge. Fitness challenges don’t come more rewarding than this and the health benefits are far more than a traditional weight loss programme. The USN challenge is all about self-improvement and there are some great prizes to reward the people we think have made the biggest transformations! Your personal goals might include weight loss and lifestyle changes as well as improving your personal fitness levels and building lean muscle mass. Whatever your aspirations, we’ll be here to help you shape up and get fit fast!

Internationally the challenge has helped to transform thousands of lives over several years and invites individuals to give themselves a makeover in just 12 weeks. Setting the challenge apart from other initiatives, USN’s dedicated team of experts are on-hand to support, offer advice and motivate individuals to get fit fast. They will be answering questions online: via Facebook, twitter, YouTube and emails as well as in person at in-store events and gym promotions nationwide throughout the year.

You can enter as many times as you like for the Body Makeover Challenge, as long as no 12 week programs overlap. Judging will be based on the full 12 weeks of your get fit plan. If you are selected as a finalist you will need to provide receipts of your USN products so please keep them somewhere safe and remember to submit them with your postal entry, or if you enter online please continue to keep your receipts safe, as we will ask to see them before we announce the finalists.

To enter you must be 18 years of age or over, a resident of the UK and use at least one variety of USN product during your 12-week program to be eligible. Embarking on this challenge could change your life forever!