Selecting the right supplements for your needs is essential when taking on a challenge, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Josh Taylor, offers a comprehensive review on the USN BCAA Power Punch

BCAA (Branced Chain Amino Acids) products are some of the best products on the market in my opinion! In simple terms they are broken down forms of protein and made up of Leucine, Isoleucine and valine among a few others.

The importance of this supplement is often overlooked by some individuals as they don’t realise the role BCAA plays within the body. Approximately 1/3 of our total skeletal muscle is comprised of BCAAs, therefore if it is not maintained or ingested regularly by lean meat or supplement consumption there is a fair chance our body will breakdown existing stores and use it for an energy supply. This sounds all well and good but it actually means we are now breaking down lean muscle tissue, exactly what we don’t want if we are looking at building and maintaining muscle or participate in regular performance sports where we need protein for muscular growth and repair.

Who should take BCAA Power Punch?

The great thing about USN’s BCAA Power Punch is that it’s diverse, it’s literally aimed at any active individual looking to preserve and build lean muscle tissue. In my opinion it’s also the number one supplement for anyone who is required to cut weight for competitions or a show. This is because you’ll most likely be following a low carbohydrate diet, with limited energy supply readily available in the form of muscle glycogen, ingesting BCAA will provide that energy source and spare your existing muscle tissue to be prevent the body from becoming catabolic (breakdown of muscle) and remain anabolic (building muscle) whenever possible.punch

BCAA supplements are available in capsule or powdered form to be ingested pre, during or post workout when they are needed most. Personally I prefer the BCAA Power Punch as it’s available in a powdered form, meaning I’ve got a great tasting and convenient drink I can consume throughout my workouts providing a constant release of amino acids.

Recommendations for use…

I would start by taking 10g 30 minutes prior to your workouts and a further 10g to be sipped throughout your workout. A final serving could be ingested immediately post workout so you can replenish your amino acid levels and improve your recovery periods, which is at its highest 30minutes post workout.

BCAA Power Punch is available in two awesome flavours, tangerine and watermelon!


  1. Absolutely love this product and is something I use nearly everday. The taste is really good and I seem to be retaining my muscle whilst losing fat. Is a must have!

  2. Hi can u give me advise on what supplements id need .. im after the last 10 pound to lose and totally tone up my whole body esp arms
    legs and tummy … i do HITT n weights and eat well .. i feel i k
    Lacking in a good supplements. .. what does BCAA do? iv tried CLA but im sure i get ance on my face from it, can this be even true, but i feel CLA do work but i get spots 🙁
    Thanks nikki Dosanjh 🙂

    • Hi Nikki, BCAA’s are eseential amino acids, ideal to use during your training as it helps fight fatigue and allows you to train hard for a longer period. CLA is a naturally occuring nutrient which targets fat storage, both would be great for your goals and have not been known to increase acne, thanks, team usn


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