We do like Pancakes here at USN HQ, so we asked USN Ambassador, Claire Boyle to use her culinary skills to whip up some Dairy Free pancakes using our Raw-Pro Vegetarian Protein…

Try these great alternatives to traditional pancakes. Free from gluten/dairy/refined foods, full of slow release carbs, high in protein and just simply yummy, plus there so easy to make!


  • 2 scoops Vanilla Raw-Pro Vegetarian Protein
  • 1 tsp MCT Oil
  • 1 Banana
  • 50g oats (I use gluten free)
  • Pumpkin seeds (about a hand full)
  • Blueberries
  • 100ml unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ tsp Coconut oil

 Method :-

  • In a mixing bowl place the oats, protein powder & mct oil, mix together.
  • Chop the banana into slices and place in the bowl and start mushing it in to the oat mix using a fork.
  • Once the mixture resembles a batter add the almond milk, pumpkin seeds & blueberries, give it a good stir and leave to settle for a minute.
  • Heat a non stick pan with the coconut oil and spoon in mixture to the size of pancakes you would like.
  • Let them cook on a medium heat on 1 side for around 3 mins or until cooked halfway through, flip them over using a spatula and cook on the other side.
  • Put pancakes on a plate and top with agave nectar berries etc..




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