Before you even step into the supermarket, first things first – empty the kitchen of any temptations, i.e. crisps, chocolates, ice cream, cakes, etc. Why? Well first, if it’s not there, you can’t eat it. Simple! Secondly, making any changes to your physique starts with what you put and what you don’t put into your body. Now that is not me saying that you should cut out treat altogether – absolutely not! Everything within moderation, however, if temptations remain in the house you are more likely to fall off the wagon because that treat is within reach.


In my eyes there is now debate between what is better: steady-state cardio vs interval training. The truth is, the results are the same. What it comes down to is what is sustainable to maintain within your lifestyle. So – of you work long hours with a family to support, doing 1hr LISS with 1hr weights in the evening will probably not work for you. However, 20 minutes of HIIT followed by 10 minutes of LISS would be more sustainable.

Bottom line – mix your cardio, don’t let it remain the same otherwise you’ll get bored, it will feel repetitive (because it is) and your performance levels will drop.


babybluejugStep 3…STAY HYDRATED

Staying well hydrated makes sure your metabolism runs at stop speed. Even a slight dehydration will have a negative effect on your performance and energy levels. So – try drink a pint of water during each meal and even when you first wake up. Mix in some USN Power Punch BCAA’s to give the water some added flavour.



What are supersets? Basically it’s when you incorporate 2 exercises back to back. So for example, Incline Bench Press (12-15 reps) going straight into Incline Dumbbell Flies (12-15 reps). There are many benefits to incorporating supersets into your training including:

  1. Reducing the time in the gym due to the reduced rest periods
  2. Incorporating more volume into your sessions treating your workouts as a cardio session
  3. Keeps the intensity of your sessions high and your heart rate high supporting shedding fat



The fact is if you are not sleeping enough, your insulin sensitivity will increase which getting to the point has a negative effect on your fat storage. So…be sensible on your food choices before you go to bed. By this I mean don’t eat anything that will sit in your stomach causing you to feel uncomfortable when sleeping. Also – try to sleep 1hr or even 30 minutes earlier than normal. I can guarantee that 90% of people could do this if they lay-off social media before they get any shuteye.


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