The USN Body Makeover Challenge was life changing and until I took part in it I didn’t realise what could be achieved with focus, dedication, determination and effort. Although it’s only just over 7 months since I finished the challenge and roughly half that time since the awards and then going to BodyPower, it seems like an eternity ago now. All in all it’s been a busy and exciting time and I’ve been determined to keep things moving forward and not let it all stop there. Although there are lots of projects in the pipeline, I felt I needed a new challenge to maintain my motivation and keep me heading in the right direction. So with that in mind, I have decided to step foot on the stage when the WBFF comes to London in November.

After I finished the Body Makeover challenge I enlisted the help of a local personal trainer (Paul Turner at Perfect U Gym, Newmarket). He’s been fantastic and I’ll continue to work with him on a one to one basis. Juliana Conci-Mitchell (WBFF Pro and fellow Body Makeover Participant and eventual winner) recommended I find a good coach to help with my nutrition and prep in the run up to the competition. She had been working with Tom Brazier (Total Body Conditioning) and after an introduction, I decided to use him as well. I have to say it was quite a difficult process entrusting someone else with my nutrition and training, having always done it myself. However, at the same time it has been somewhat liberating too.

In the short term the aim is to add some size to my frame, which is no easy task with my job being so physical. I was relatively set in my ways with regards to nutrition, and having previously been really quite low carb, adding a significant amount of carbohydrates was first on the agenda. This has been quite a difficult process but I seem to be on top of it. Tracking my macro nutrients has also been new to me, but with the aid of the Myfitnesspal app on my mobile, it’s a relatively easy and painless process.

I am really excited/interested and a little bit nervous to see what will unfold over the next few months. With 13 weeks to go I intend to carry on giving the sort of commitment that got me to the finals of the Body Makeover Challenge, learn as much as I can, and above all enjoy the experience!



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