isolean1Before I joined USN as an athlete, I struggled to find a protein that my body could tolerate without bloating or being left uncomfortable.

As my training is a major part of my career at present I have to feel light and comfortable everyday.

I take Diet Whey Isolean in the morning and evening, but have also take a scoop during my day. I like to mix with unsweetened almond milk, coco powder and a shot of espresso. This is my life every morning!

You can cook with the protein and make awesome sweet treats without sugar, mix into yogurts, make protein frappes and of course protein pancakes.

For me to find a protein that does not cause any digestive problems is a miracle.  Lots of protein powders tend to have some after effects which i hear daily from a lot of females in the industry, but Isolean is easy to digest.  It contains Tolerase-L which means it has lactase enzymes to help with difficulties digesting lactose. So I can go straight to Pole training or circus training without worrying about feeling bloated!

Isolean comes in amazing flavours too such as:

Peanut butter, Cherry Bakewell, Batternburg, cookies and cream

So  if you’re on prep or just wanting to cut out some sugar, isolean protein will help manage cravings because let’s just say Cherry Bakewell is like eating a Mr.Kiplings just maybe without the glazed cherry! 🙂

Packed with fibre, green tea, L-carnitine, vitamins and under 1.5g of sugars it has everything your body needs for a protein top up with added extras to help maintain or contribute to lean muscle.

(This is not a meal replacement!)


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