The sun hasn’t been as rare of an occurrence as it has in previous years, which has led us to drink lots of beers and cocktails, and indulge in delicious BBQ’s most weekends. However, us gym freaks are aware that these constant sweet-treats are slowly showing along our waistlines, due to the increase in our sugar intake. These sugars are often refined and secretly hidden amongst our garden parties and gatherings. For example, there is SO MUCH sugar hidden in cocktails, yet we challenge ourselves to drink as many as possible without realising what we’re actually doing. Well, what the cocktails are actually doing to us.

Here at USN, we love a BBQ and cocktail as much as the next person, but we also love sticking and continuing to aim for our health and fitness goals. So, guess what we did? We have created the delicious BCAA POWER PUNCH ENERGY drink! These come in two flavours; mango and watermelon, to stick with the summer punch theme of the summer. This means that you can go ahead and have yourself a glass whilst at your friend’s BBQ. That’s right! You can shake it up, and then pour it into a fancy cocktail glass – add a paper umbrella if you feel like it. The only difference between our power punch, and your mate’s summer punch is that ours doesn’t have an alcohol content.

The (lack of) alcohol is great for a number of reasons and offers numerous benefits to your health and fitness plans and goals. For example, alcohol leads you to crave refined sugars which expands your stomach, which makes you eat much more food than what your body really needs. As well as this, alcohol has lots of sugar within, therefore not having it for every single drink throughout the summer will keep your waist going in the direction you want it to! Finally, you won’t get the dreaded hangover headache from dehydration, as our BCAA Power Punch is full of everything your body needs nutrients wise.

So, what is actually in the USN BCAA POWER PUNCH ENERGY? The new cocktail has been formulated to increase lean muscle size, performance and stamina while giving you the extra boost – due to the added caffeine and taurine, to train harder and recover quicker. In just one serving, there are only 7kcal! However, this is made up for with the high amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as 7755mg of our BCAA + Energy Blend, and 37mg of Vitamin C!

This drink is enjoyed best when pushing yourself during a great summer workout – we suppose it’s almost like a healthy pre-drinks session. If you would like to find out more about our delicious BCAA POWER PUNCH ENERGY tubs, click here:

Alternatively, why not get in touch with one of the USN team to ask any questions that you may have – or just for a chat!


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