One of the main factors which helps maintain weight loss is lifestyle. It is so important to live a healthy and active lifestyle to help prevent illness and injury, as well as water retention and weight gain. Many people choose to diet when they are on a quest to lose weight, however when this diet is over – they tend to revert back to their old ways. Here at USN, we have compiled the main reasons to opt for healthy alternatives for the benefit of your lifestyle, rather than just doing it for a few weeks before your holiday!

Why a whole lifestyle change?

The main reason behind making an entire lifestyle change to a healthier one, is to maintain your weight loss and to continue meeting or sticking at your goals.

It’s easier

We would all love it if we could look our best without needing to try! With a new, healthier lifestyle this is what will happen. By being more active during your daily routine, such as ensuring you take the stairs rather than the lift, and by parking a little further away from work – you will be incorporating more activity into your life, as well as your regular gym sessions throughout the week.

You will notice improvements (not just from your body!)

Since you will be taking in better foods and taking part in a range of activities regularly throughout your week, you will notice that you feel less stressed and much “lighter” mentally. This is due to the endorphins and other happy hormones that will be pumping around your body!

You will have more motivation!

Most of us blame lack of motivation for not reaching our fitness goals – by opting for a healthier lifestyle, you will find yourself motivated more than when you’re “forcing” yourself to go to THAT fitness class.

Goodbye fatigue!

You would have thought that doing all these active things will have left you feeling drained – well in actual fact, it will leave you sleeping much better (proper, restful, recovering sleep!) which means that you will be waking up feeling more refreshed. Bonus energy if you keep to your sleep schedule (even on the weekends!)

You can still have your favourite foods!

So, you can eat what you love whilst maintaining your healthy lifestyle and reaching your health and fitness goals? Of course you can! It’s called treating yourself. Since you will now be living your much healthier and more active lifestyle, you will notice you crave sugary things less, as well as not pleading for bread. Many people often find themselves craving fruits and veggies, or natural carbs!  

For example, you could swap your regular fried crisps to baked crisps, or even better… veggie crisps! Also swapping a pina colada for a fresh mint mojito will mean you can still go along with your friends for cocktail night!

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