It’s summer, it’s warm, it’s glorious … but most importantly it’s BBQ season! Yep, I can see the salivation beginning to happen. But wait! Will having a BBQ jeopardise your diet? After all the grill does tend to cook fatty, salty and calorific items such as burgers, sausages and all that processed junk food. So, will you have to sit this one out? NO? Why? Because there are healthy BBQ alternatives, seriously, just follow these principles and you’ll be having a body healthy barbecue in no time at all.

Avoid Sauces

As tempting and as scrumptious as a bit of BBQ sauce is, it has to literally be the devil of all dressings. What gives it’s rich, sweet taste is a fiery blend of salts and sugars that are in obscenely high levels. Instead of grilling your food in BBQ sauce, how about placing it in a mixture of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, herbs and black pepper? All of these are natural and will give off that sweet, yet rich taste.


Ditch the processed stuff

Wait? Burgers and sausages are what makes a BBQ a BBQ right? Well… not exactly. You can still get fresh, wholesome meats that can be grilled such as chicken breast, steak and beef fillet. All these meats contain large amounts of protein, which is essential for staying fit and healthy. They also don’t carry much in the way of fat, or extra salt (which retains water).

Low-fat burgers

That’s right, you don’t even have to move entirely off the processed stuff if you still really fancy it. People who go on diets such as the slimming world and weight watchers diet know that it’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat… SO how ‘bout ditching those half pounders full of grease and offal and picking up a low-fat alternative. There is more natural beef in them as an oppose to their greasy, salty counterparts, which is what makes them more nutritiously valuable per unit of weight.

Grilled Veg!

Got any spare tomato’s, peppers and/ or onions lying around? Throw them on the BBQ! Yes you heard me… vegetables on a BBQ. Grilled veg still contains all the natural goodness that a ripe one growing out the ground has, only now it’ll be warm, melt in the mouth and taste even more intense! Stick them on a low-fat burger or on a skewer with some wholesome chicken breast… mmm

British BBQ Ribs

If there’s one thing on this list that sounds the most delicious… it’s this one. Getting a fresh rack of ribs from a super market or butchers is guaranteed to be the most nutritious, after this just cut any fat off the ribs and stick them on the grill!

Just a couple of extra things:

  • Cut off any skin (skin is full of fat and salts)
  • Cut off any excess fat (for obvious reasons)
  • Always buy “low-fat” or “sin-free” options
  • Limit the amount of processed meats

That’s basically it, so don’t worry about wrecking all that hard-work you put in over the winter to get ‘beach body ready’, you can still have a healthy, happy BBQ!


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