The UK is an obesity hotspot. Maybe not as bad as America, but England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have moderate to high obesity, low exercise levels ad high alcohol consumption levels per person. We can’t really tell people how to live their lives however, at the end of the day what they want to put in their body, they are still going to do it. But some of these issues within the UK can be tackled with exercise and nutrition and today we’re going to go through the ones that can make a difference.

Spending longer in ill health

It is said that we now live longer (which is great! Cheers!) but we actually spend longer in ill health with conditions that can be related to years of self-abuse through obesity, smoking, not exercising and eating a load of salt and saturated fats… Just 30 minutes of exercise per day can reduce the risks of ill health. That’s a walk to and from the bus stop.

Alzheimer’s is the new heart disease

Think about this one for a second. We have interfered with health and medicine to the point where we have completely changed the main causes of death. Before 2001 the rate for death from heart disease was at least 50% larger than it is in today’s world, which is impressive. But now unfortunately, the numbers for Alzheimer’s have sky-rocketed by 60%. Exercise has been shown to slow down and prevent further Alzheimer’s cases because it not only exercises the body, but also the brain into doing repetitive, healthy routines.

Infectious disease

Being properly supplemented with the right nutrients, exercising correctly, and eating healthily have all been linked with a better immune system. Now of course we are not saying that if there were a sudden pandemic that you would be left standing because it doesn’t work that way, but you’ll notice you get colds and infections a whole lot less than what your pals do.

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