Gone are the days of your grandma’s age-old rule of having three big meals a day. The new way we “should be” eating is breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Now, you would have thought this would leave you waking up ravenous in the middle of the night, but fear not! This way of eating has been proven to be much better on your digestive system, since you will be giving your body more time to process what you’ve eaten.

This poses numerous health benefits on your body, such as burning more calories, sometimes loosing a few extra pounds (if this is your goal with a calorie deficit) and sleeping better at night time. But how does this work?

The ideology of eating a big breakfast has been around for centuries, with royals, leaders, and warriors swearing by this since before any of our ancestors were born into the world. Now, whilst this doesn’t necessarily prove that having a breakfast is the best thing to do, it certainly leads us in the right direction. The whole goal behind it, is that you have a big enough breakfast, to go as long as possible without being hungry again. Think of it this way – if you’ve got a busy day ahead and know you might have to grab something quick (and make unhealthy choices) on your rushed lunch break, you’d be better off having a big, slow-release breakfast which will last you longer than a breakfast bar. This helps you stop craving sugary foods and (the dreaded) white carbs.

Think back to a time when you’ve had a quick breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and then a HUGE dinner because you’re starving when you get in from work – it leads you to overeat and often puts a spanner in the works of your fitness goals. It may have also led you to not be able to get restful sleep, or you keep waking up during the night. This is because our bodies need time to process our foods. During the day, our breakfast and lunch has lots of time to be broken down to be converted into energy and fats (and all the other stuff!), whereas by evening when we’re eating our dinners, our bodies don’t have very long at all to digest what we’ve eaten before we hit the hay.

This can cause stomach upsets, pains, poops, and irritation, usually during the night when we want to be sleeping! Therefore, having a lighter dinner means there is less work for your body to do late at night, and you won’t be left feeling hungry since you ate big during the morning, narrowed it down slightly at lunch, and included your slow release snacks.

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Try this technique out this week and see whether your body notices any differences! Let us know by tagging us in your Instagram posts.


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