Negative Calorie Food

There are some types of food that can be particularly useful when you’re following a calories controlled diet and these are often referred to as “negative calorie” foods. While this may suggest food types that have no calorie content at all, it actually refers to foods that contain very little in the way of energy. This means that the body uses up more energy to derive nutrients from the food than it gains from the food itself.

After digesting negative calorie food, your body will have a net loss of energy or a negative energy balance. This makes negative calorie foods an important part of a weight loss diet plan and a good way to increase your metabolism naturally. Eating negative calorie foods in combination with protein will also help you control your appetite too.

Negative Calories List


Fennel    Aubergine             Gourd

Carrots  Broccoli                 Spinach

Peppers                 Lettuce                  Cucumber

Cabbage                 Cauliflower            Cress

Marrow                  Radish    Tomato

Celery    Leek       Chicory

Asparagus              Beets      Cabbage (green)

Carrots  Cauliflower            Hot Chile Peppers

Cucumbers            Endives                  Garden Cress

Radishes                Spinach Turnips

Zucchini                 Turnip    Onion

Garlic      Green Beans         Lettuce



Apricot   Mandarin Orange                Blackberry

Melon Cantaloupe               Blackcurrant         Peaches

Clementines          Plums     Damsons

Raspberry              Grapefruit             Rhubarb

Guava     Strawberry            Honeydew Melon

Tangerine              Lemon    Watermelon

Papaya  Apples    Cranberries

Grapefruit             Lemon    Mango

Oranges                 Pineapple              Raspberries

Strawberries         Tangerines

Eating negative calorie foods as part of a weight loss diet and regular exercise routine can help boost your metabolism and reduce your weight, so get snacking.


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