The age-old debate has resurfaced once again – does counting calories help you lose weight? There are hundreds of various cases which have left the researchers with various results. We believe that any kind of weight loss depends upon your body type, shape, build, what you eat, what you drink, your metabolism, what you should be eating etc. Since this is one of the most common and frequently asked questions within the health and fitness world, we thought we would de-bunk most of the myths.

Majority of experts have decided that calorie counting does not work in the long run – especially if you’re looking for ongoing weight loss. However, depending upon your body type and other factors such as how much you are exercising and what sort of exercise you’re doing, some people do lose weight by counting calories – but only for the short term (almost like a “quick fix”). Therefore, counting calories to lose weight is no longer recommended.

It has also been shown that if you are eating healthy foods, such as fruits and veggies, and getting a good combination of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and natural carbohydrates rather than refined ones – then you will find that you don’t need to count the calories which you’re eating. Look at it this way:

For a woman, when losing weight she should be having a calorie deficit of 500cals, therefore she should be eating around 1200 calories a day. The error with counting calories comes from not eating the right foods, and left feeling hungry, therefore allowing your cravings to take over leading you to break your clean eating – also ruining your goals in the process.

MealDay 1Day 2
Breakfast Oats – 150 calories
Blueberries – 57 calories
Honey – 64 calories
Pancakes – 258 calories
Maple syrup – 52 calories
LunchChicken breast – 142 calories
Mediterranean salad – 85 calories
Fruit salad – 50 calories
Natural yoghurt – 61 calories
White bread cheese and sauce sandwich – 248 calories
McCoys Steak Crisps – 252 calories
DinnerSalmon fillet – 177 calories
New potatoes – 58 calories
Mixed vegetables – 60 calories
White bread cheese and sauce sandwich – 248 calories
McCoys Steak Crisps – 252 calories
SnacksBanana – 90 calories
USN Low Sugar Protein Bar (Chocolate) – 116 calories
Apple – 70 calories
Calorie Total1180

As you can see, when eating healthier foods, you are able to eat much much more throughout the day, and have many healthy snacks. As well as this, Day 2 shows an “unhealthy” day of eating, which also shows us that if you’re not eating healthily, you can’t eat as much if you’re sticking to a calorie deficit. Even though people counting calories and following the Day 2 diet may feel like they’re eating less, since they’re hungry more due to the refined carbs and sugars, they are taking in more unhealthy fats and carbs rather than healthy fats and protein and good carbs like in Day 1.

Because of this, the person following Day 2 may not lose weight, whereas the person following Day 1 is likely to lose the weight, tone up, and maintain their progress as it’s a more sustainable lifestyle to manage.

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