Keep a stash of healthy snacks at work to stop yourself from reaching for high-calorie nasties.

Snacks provide you with an extra little boost in the morning or late afternoon and a healthy diet plan should allow for two snacks a day. When choosing your nibbles, make sure it contains both protein and carbohydrates – perfect for helping you maintain your blood sugar level and stave off hunger until the next meal.

Snacks for Your Desk Drawer

Nuts: Although nuts are high in calories and fat, a handful can offer real satisfaction. What’s more, they tend to provide healthy fats as well as fibre.

Apple and Peanut Butter: Cut your apple into sections then dip them into peanut butter for a well-rounded, healthy snack combining carbs and protein.

Cottage cheese with Veg: Cottage cheese is a powerhouse for protein, so combined with a great dipping veg – such as carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli or cauliflower – it provides a nice light, balanced snack.

Yogurt and Fruit: Rather than choosing a fruit flavoured yoghurt, pick a plain yogurt and top with fruit or oats yourself. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are ideal.

Crackers and Hard Cheese: This classic combination of protein and carbs will keep your appetite curbed. A small chunk of cheese and 4-5 crackers should do nicely.

Jerky and Fruit: Beef or turkey jerky is a very portable snack packed with protein. Combine with a small handful of dried fruit for a smart between-meal balance.

Edamame with Crackers: Soy beans (edamame) are loaded with protein. Eat alongside a high-fibre cracker and you’ve got a hassle-free snack to get you through the day.


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