How important are nutritional supplements?

Nutritional supplements are increasingly important. The way food is processed today means that it’s virtually impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs from food alone. A good multiple vitamin and mineral formula with extra calcium is recommended to guard against nutritional deficiencies. Also consider the following supplements:

  • Chromium picolinate and alpha lipoic acid supplements to ensure proper insulin metabolism
  • Extra vitamin C to build up your immune system and reduce cortisol
  • Some essential fats like extra virgin olive oil, fish oil and flax oil

These nutritional vitamin supplements, when taken with a healthy diet, will help ensure that your body is armed for fighting against a range of diseases and disorders, as well as promoting general physical and mental wellbeing.

Nutrient deficiencies can affect people of all ages. If you want more advice on the nutritional supplements that are most suited to your needs, speak to a doctor or a registered nutritionist.


  1. Hi , I have just come across yr products and as a female 53 train 5 days with weights what do u suggest I use please


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