Many people all over the world have been researching into plant-based diets, and the health benefits that can often come with adapting your lifestyle to suit one. Rather than making the quite extreme jump from being a meat-eater to a vegan, people have seen that taking the smaller leap towards vegetarianism is slightly easier. Whether you already eat veggie style, or your diet is a red meat staple – having a few vegetarian meals per week can be beneficial to your health.

People often worry that they won’t be taking in enough vitamins, minerals or proteins if they opt to go vegetarian, however this is not the case. It is a simple exercise of discovering protein packed alternatives, such as chickpeas, lentils, tofu, peanuts, vegetables (especially your leafy greens!) and quinoa, and much much more!

Healthy alternatives to meat include Quorn which are packed with protein and all the healthy bits and bobs your body needs. Quorn can offer you vegetarian and vegan alternatives to mince, chicken, scotch eggs, cocktail sausages, regular sausages, burgers… the list is endless! It’s much easier to try out vegetarianism than people may think, why not try out our delicious meat free meals for just a week and let us know how you feel?

Day 1’s Veggie Dish – Smashed avocado and scrambled egg on toast with chilli flakes and pink Himalayan salt

We know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another avocado post…” but have you actually tried it? It’s delicious when you know how to prepare it right and what to pair it with! Simply toast your favourite bread and butter with your favourite butter, then pop on your scrambled eggs. Next, grab yourself an avocado and stone it (you can replant the stone to grow more!) and slice the green goodness inside into rough cubes. Once you’ve sliced your avocado, you can then scrape it out from one of the halves and smash it onto your toast with a fork. Then sprinkle with chilli flakes and pink Himalayan salt. Et Voila!

This dish will keep you going until lunch, and any leftover avocado can be used in your lunch time salad. It is packed with goodness and heaps of protein from the eggs, as well as good fats from the avocado. It’s not pricey either, you can grab your traditional loaf of bread, eggs and avocado from Aldi for around £3!

Day 2’s Veggie Dish – Grilled Vegetable Hummus Bowl

This sounds a bit fancy, but we promise this takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and plate-up, which isn’t bad for something freshly made. Grilling vegetables doesn’t make them lose ANY nutritional value and it also gives them that sweet crunch and heck even a bit of smoky flavour. This will be full of iron, vitamins, minerals and WATER which is a key intake factor of your food.

Day 3’s Veggie Dish – Sweet Potato and Chickpea Tacos with Lemony Kale Slaw

When you are a vegetarian and especially if you are a vegan Chickpeas are great for protein; if you’re planning on practicing being a vegetarian full time, then you will need them (and love them!). They are also really tasty and go with most things as a substitute for peas or beans. We don’t even have to go into sweet potatoes because we already know they are full of healthy carbs which will make you feel fuller for longer. The lemony kale straw will bring exotic tastes to your plate too – what a colourful meal!

Day 4’s Veggie Meal – Leek, Cheese and Potato Pie

Looking for something full of comfort without sabotaging your vegetarian challenge? The Leek, Cheese and Potato Pie will leave you feeling comfortably full, as well as replacing any used-up carbohydrates from your previous workout. You can also create your own variations and switch up the filling to find your favourite combo!

Day 5’s Veggie Meal – Homemade Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries!

Who said that you can’t indulge in pizza during your healthy lifestyle? Why not have some fun and create your own pizza? Simply pick up a plain pizza base from the shops, pop on some tomato paste, add as many vegetables as you’d like, top it off with some cheese and cook! Spinach and ricotta is one of our personal favourites! To make your fries healthier, and more colourful, chop up your sweet potato into sticks, coat them in olive oil, salt and pepper, and place in the oven to bake for around 20mins to half an hour.

When you make your own pizza, you are cutting out the unhealthy additives that a takeaway would induce, and you replace it with wholesome ingredients. You can make dough with less salt, you can add less cheese to limit fat intake and you can add as many leafy greens on the top as you want for your vitamins and minerals.

If you would like to discover more about our vegetarian protein, click here: Don’t forget to share how your week went with us over on our social channels!

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