Fitness is an ever-lasting journey with many starts, stops and no real end. You can keep pushing your fitness level for as long as you want by doing specific exercises and taking certain supplements. However, there is something known as a plateau, or as it’s also known, a stagnation.

When it comes to weight loss you actually find it easier to lose pounds the first few weeks because you cut down your calorie intake by about 400 calories, then exercise on top of that. But after so long your body and your metabolism get used to that amount of calorie burning/ intake and eventually your progress will stagnate. There are several reasons for this:

You are approaching your natural weight-range:

Everybody has the ideal weight that they should be at for their height, bone density and body type and it’s only natural that once you reach that point your body finds it very hard to push your body past that point without some additional fitness practices.

Not enough Nutrition:

You should always make sure you are taking a good amount of nutrition in. Supplements, full meals, protein shakes, the lot (especially when exercising). If you are still taking the same amount of nutrition as when you started the weight loss, try increasing it and increasing your workout time/ intensity.


Many people with insomnia aren’t aware that’s what they are suffering with. They just think maybe they hit the caffeine too hard, or maybe it’s the copious amount of bed time Netflix. But no, insomnia is usually linked to some other kind of problem and you should see a doctor if you think your insomnia is interfering with your daily life, or your fitness priorities.

How can I jump-start my fitness again?

Well here at USN we would recommend a few things.

Firstly, get yourself some of our diet friendly supplements from our weight control range:

Next, get yourself a switch-up in exercise regimen, perhaps take part in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which gives you periods of rest, followed by periods of rigorous exercise.

Finally, make sure you hydrate, but nobody wants to carry around a water tank, right? Good news for you is that water has never been so easy to transport around, with USN’s Water Jug:


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