Exercise Training Plans

It is common knowledge that regular bouts of physical activity can improve both your mental and physical performance levels, as well as having positive effects on your health. Regular exercise is essential, and it remains an important part of your USN Body Makeover Challenge.

The USN Body Makeover Challenge training plans allow you to train at your own pace in the early stages while you get accustomed to the routine. It is important that you take charge of your training programme, and you address your training duration, intensity, training frequency and resistance weight. This ensures that you adapt to your training, improve your fitness levels and progress positively throughout the next 12 weeks.
A balanced approach to exercise is important. A programme that embraces both cardiovascular and resistance (weight training) for more or less an equal time frame 4-5 times per week, will considerably improve weight-loss, increase lean muscle tissue, tone and conditioning and minimise the potential risk of injury.

Cardiovascular Exercisenickarticle
You will be taking part in cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise 4-5 times weekly for 30-45 minutes in order to promote the benefits of such activity. You will immediately notice an improved energy level, improved sleep cycle and an increase in body fat metabolism. As your fitness levels improve, you will have to increase both your intensity of training and your duration of activity. You should take part in activities that suit your goal or level of health. You have a range of cardiovascular options available to you including cycling, jogging/running, swimming, planned classes and outdoor fitness activities.

Resistance Exercise
Regardless of gender, age or health status, you should take part in resistance exercise for 30-45 minutes 4-5 times per week. The ideal scenario is a planned programme that targets and identifies individual muscle tissue groups on a daily basis as set out in the prescribed training plan. This offers your system the ability to rest and recover for 72 hours before retraining that muscle group. Resistance training has been shown to improve bone density, increasing both tendon and ligament strength, improving muscle tissue strength, tone and conditioning as well as increasing lean muscle tissue development while stimulating a higher metabolic rate.

Rest and Recovery Training
Rest and recovery training remains important to your ability to adapt to the USN Body Makeover Challenge training plan, and to get the best out of the 12 weeks.In addition to your workouts, optimal nutrition, supplementation and rest are the remaining key components to a good health and fitness programme. Training hard every day with no break or decrease in intensity will actually limit your progress and you may increase your risk of injury.

Recovery training is simple – it is a short, low intensity training session designed to help your body repair muscle damage and increase blood flow to ease inflammation on joints, tendons and ligaments.In most cases, recovery sessions are simply added in addition to your regular training sessions during the week. However, since they are rather short and not very intense, they can be done any time – before training, after training, or on an off day e.g. a swimming session or a light super circuit.

Rest is downtime where you take a total break from activity. This downtime supports muscle tissue recovery and energy reload. It is further supported by a healthy diet and supplement strategy.


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