2013 is nearing its end, looking back at the last two years events I feel truly blessed with what has happened in such a short time frame.

During 2012 I was striving towards one goal, to win the prestigious IFBB PRO CARD, which isn’t often awarded in the UK, especially to female athletes. This gave me extra encouragement and motivation to get to that elite level. In 2012 I competed in numerous high level shows such as the European Championships in Croatia, the World Championships in Poland, the Arnold Classic in Madrid and a second time on the British stage. Each of these competitions helped get me that step closer to my main aim of winning my IFBB PRO CARD.

With the competition being at a very high level, I was delighted to place in the Top 3 at each of the events I entered. The Arnold Classic in Madrid proved to be very challenging but extremely rewarding. I competed with a class of 62 girls and placed joint 2nd, this is still to this date one of the main highlights of my amateur career.

In 2013, I have only competed at the Europeans in Santa Susanna Spain where I again placed in the top 3; subsequently because of this I gained enough points over the past few years to be eligible to turn pro in May 2013.

Since May I have not yet stepped on an IFBB Pro Stage. For 2 years I was extremely regimented in my training and diet and sacrificed a lot to compete so many times. Each prep seemed to start straight after the next, and it truly took its toll on my body. So I decided to take 6months out using this time wisely to help build on my shape whilst having a better quality social life and down time.

My goal for 2014 is to compete and make an impact on my IFBB Pro debut in the Spring. I aim to eventually win a pro show which would enable me to enter the most prestigious bodybuilding show on earth, The Olympia. To compete at the Olympia would be a dream come true and a great sense of achievement to represent my country and sponsors USN in this great way.


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