USN Athlete Rich Gozdecki shares his expert advice regarding L-Glutamine supplementation and why you should add it to your supplement stack.

With thousands of Amino products on the shelves it’s hard to pick the right one for your needs. I’ve always chosen a product with high level of L-Glutamine or indeed taken L-Glutamine on its own multiple times per day. I use it more frequently during contest pre as an aid to my recovery when calories are sparse.

Everyone knows that L-Glutamine is the most abundant Amino acid in the body. But, it makes up typically 60% of our Amino pool on our muscles making it crucial to our muscles function and growth.

When’s the best time to use L-Glutamine?

Any time really is the truthful answer. It’s so versatile and effective, that a steady supply of added L-Glutamine will mean your body stays topped up and supported during the day. The most effective times of the day are pre/post workout when your muscles are put under stresses which cause breakdown of Aminos.

How much to use?

Doses as small at 5 grams can be effective enough to get you through a workout, and similar amounts post workouts I’ve found to help my recovery. You can find these typical amounts in most mixed BCAA drinks and protein recovery drinks, which is why I take an extra 5 grams added to each drink to boost my chances of recovery and prevent being catabolic. I have been know to use up to 50g per day in the past, (very close to show time) but now even I think this is extreme. 20g of added L-Glutamine per day should be great for your average super human.

Pumps! I’m not sure there is any proven research behind this and I can’t find a study to back it up. However, I know I always get a better pump in the gym when using L-Glutamine pre workout, which is why it make it my number one Amino and essential to any part of my training regime.

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