No, we don’t mean repetition as in reps – as in weight lifting. We mean repetition in its usual, most used sense. For example, as human beings we are big fans of routine, which often involves repetition. We have breakfast every morning, we walk the dog every day, we lock the doors before bed time – repetition.

However, whilst some repetition may be a good thing, it’s not always great for your body workout-wise. Imagine having the same thing to eat every day. That’s the type of repetition that gets boring, and eventually we won’t want to even see that food again. This works the same for our workouts. Have you ever found a great workout that works EVERYTHING, and you see benefits within days, and then all of a sudden by week 2 there’s literally no difference from last time? This is because your body is basically bored of what you’ve been doing day-in and day-out at the gym.

The logic is simple – when your body is shocked it starts making an effort to show you changes, but the more you repeat this originally shocking workout (WITHOUT upping your reps/lengths/minutes/weights etc to make it harder) your body gets used to it. You stop seeing changes because your body is no longer challenging itself to work harder.

Imagine this, you get a puppy. You can’t walk to puppy too far at first because it will get too tired, so you start to gradually walk further as your puppy gets used to it. If you then stick to this small walk forever after your dog has gotten used to it – the dog will start going hyper since it can now walk further. The more we get used to stuff, the less calories we need to burn to complete it (whatever IT may be).

It is important to keep surprising your body with new workouts. This should be done to keep you motivated, to keep having fun and using creativity, and to keep your body working hard and at its best. Here at USN we have ensured that we can provide you and your body with everything that you may need in order to maintain your optimal fitness. Check out our range of protein meal replacement bars that are great for those of you who are constantly on the move and need a nutritious, speedy snack to keep you going. Find them here:


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