Strength and Conditioning Coach, Josh Taylor offers an insightful review on the innovative new fat burner Phedra Cut Lipo XT

So when I found out what was going to be in the all new fat burner from USN it struck me as something very different from what’s already on the current market. A time released capsule that has the function of multiple supplements all in one? What’s not to love?

Lets dissect and look a little further into this ground breaking new product…

Duo Cap

The duo cap releases nutrients at an optimised rate so you can feel the full benefit of the Phedra Cut lipo XT.

First Release…

First, the release of the outer cap which contains 900mg of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid):

CLA which is found in many animal based food products such as beef, eggs and dairy is deemed a healthy fat which has been shown to have fat burning properties by encouraging the body to utilise fat stores over carbohydrates for energy. In a 2005 ‘Journal of Nutrition’ study it was found that CLA promoted greater fat loss in comparison with an oil based placebo produced on tested subjects.tablet

Second Release…

Secondly, approximately 2 hours after ingested, the inner cap is then released containing a whole bunch of fat burning properties, these include:

Green Tea – Containing Phytofare, a green tea catechin complex, to support your metabolism and fat oxidation. Green Tea itself inhibits an enzyme involved in the thermogenesis of body fat, which for those looking to shed those extra pounds, this can be vital.

Vitamin B6 – Your energy yielding metabolism and helping you make the most out of every training session.

Chromium – supports the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and macronutrient metabolism.

Caffeine – To give yourself that extra boost whilst you train.

Teacrine – Very similar effect to caffeine however doesn’t have the same ‘crash’ effect caffeine can have following a training session.

Personally, I’ve always liked the idea of a fat burner when wanting to cut body fat but have never found a product that doesn’t either make me anxious due to the large amounts of caffeine, or indeed actually works. I can honestly say that having used this product for the past few weeks, in conjunction with a calorie deficit, I absolutely love it! No post training jitters, provides the feel good factor and can speak in person for a drop in total body fat!

If this summer like me, you are looking for a product that provides all of the above, knowing you are experiencing the latest ground breaking research into fat burners and want the results that come with this product, look no further than the all new PHEDRACUT LIPO XT and make it happen!!



  1. Hello, it’s written on the back of the LipoXT that a two day break is essential after the fifth day. If i’d like to take it constantly for 30 days, would it do any harm?

    • Hi Mark, as the product contains Teacrine we recommend not to take it continuously as your body can build up a tolerance, having a break one in a while can reduce this.

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