Don’t lie. You have at least one workout DVD that a “used-to-be overweight” celebrity has released. A trend which has developed over the past year and a bit is DVD HIIT workouts – ALL the celebrities are doing it, it’s a model’s go-to routine after all. Apparently. If you haven’t yet heard of the workout, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it includes raising your heartrate by doing high intensity, small intervals of cardio, followed by small intervals of various forms of resistance training.

It is a great way to train your cardiovascular system, as well as improving your individual recovery time. This is done through the short intervals of high-intensity cardio routines. For example, you will do about three minutes of high-intensity cardio exercises such as box jumps and sprinting without pausing, and then go straight into three minutes of resistance training exercises such as lunges or press-ups. After this, you will go back to a different cardio routine for three minutes, and so-on. Doing this raises your heartrate, and slows ii down, then raises it again, and slows it down on a continuous loop. This trains your body to “recover” (catch your breath after cardio) faster. Doing HIIT also allows your body to burn more calories at rest, which is highly beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight and inches. The gym class sessions tend to last for around 40 minutes (12 rounds of three-minute workouts, alternating between cardio and resistance) which means that you can fit in a good workout even on your busier days.

But what are the pros and cons of HIIT? We have listed them below:


  • You’re less likely to get bored of your workout, as HIIT includes a wide range of different exercises
  • You’ll build lean muscle mass (boosts your resting metabolism!)
  • During a class, the different sets are timed. This brings a bit of competition to your HIIT group and extra motivation!
  • You burn more calories in a shorter period of time due to the short intervals of the workout style – what could be better than that?
  • If you don’t want to go to a group, you can get the same experience from a home DVD. Just be sure to read the reviews first and ensure you have enough room in your home. Shoose carefully!


  • If it’s your first time doing HIIT, and you go all-out, it can cause lots of muscle soreness the next day (DOMS)
  • For those who aren’t yet physically fit, the workout is strenuous and can cause dizziness and lots of breathlessness – however this WILL improve as you get fitter!
  • There is a high risk of injury for those who are not physically fit due to the high intensity workouts – again, this is less likely as you get fitter.

We think that HIIT is the nice option for a heavy cardio/resistance training session in the gym when you don’t have the time for a full workout. It includes many exercises that you would normally opt to do, in what can be a fun and much quicker way! Always be sure to recover correctly after each class, as you can burn up to 500+ calories! Your body will need re-nourishment and a replacement of all the minerals that you’ve just used up. Take a look at some of our protein bundles to avoid the dreaded DOMS here.


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