Here’s a quick 101 on some of the most important exercises for those considering making the step-up to the sport or for those looking to improve their training regime.

Compound Exercises

These are the powerful exercises which takes your training to the next level. It’s an exercise that engages more than 1 exercise to give your muscles a proper workout!


What are Squats?

Squats are the pinnacle of power exercises, engaging the majority of your leg muscles and ideal to support your explosive power.Untitled-4

How to squat?

Place your feet firmly on the ground, shoulders width apart. Keep your pack straight and slowly lower your body until parallel. The weight on your back shouldn’t solely be straining your back, if you’re doing it right, you’ll feel back and leg muscles working.

Why Squat?

It’s a workout which can exercise the muscles needed to generate sufficient power to not only take a tackle, but to produce one.


What are Deadlifts?

An ideal exercise to improve your muscle mass to give you that extra edge during the game.

How to Deadlift?

Keeping your back straight, bend your legs and grip the barbell bringing it above your knees, straightening your legs and then by replicating that movement back down.

Why deadlift?

Again it strengthens your leg and back muscles, but it also strengthens your core


What are Sprints?

Okay, it’s not a compound exercise, but we thought we’d include this as it’s extremely beneficial. It is what is says, it involves you sprinting, but there are different training methods to help improve your acceleration and top speed.

How to Sprint…

Sprints – This involves increasing your distance by 10 metres until you reach 50metres. Start off by placing markers every 10metres (until you reach 50). Sprint to the 10 metre mark and sprint back and recover. Perform this until you reach 50 metres and record your times to track your improvements.

Hint: Change starting positions (on the ground, crouched etc.) to replicate in-game situations.

Why Sprint?

This sprint training techniques allows you to not only improve your sprint speed, but also your acceleration and it’s those vital seconds you can make up on the rugby field which can make a huge difference.


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