We all use and love a splash of caffeine, it keeps us going on the grind, gets us over our hump day and most importantly, it can healthily supplement your diet and help with your exercise plans. From that morning cup of Joe to that can of energy drink you may need to keep you going through a long night out, caffeine is a staple in the working population today and for a few, so is Guarana! Guarana is an extract from a plant that contains up to 5.8% caffeine by weight, meaning that it’s a good natural source of caffeine that hasn’t been altered by a laboratory. But why would someone take Caffeine supplemented with Guarana? Well quite simply Guarana is more than just a caffeine buzz, it’s a Brazilian staple because of its natural, yet boosting effects in terms of concentration and physicality, but is it safe? What exactly is it? What are the benefits? Let’s delve into it!

Guarana supports weight loss:

That’s correct, as a stimulant (just like caffeine) it boosts all the senses and speed at which things run in the body and this includes your metabolism, because it must be digested as a mean of dosing, it can speed up the metabolism and retain it if correct use of Guarana is continued.

A mental performance boost:

Just like caffeine helps you think faster and concentrate better, Guarana allows for retention of attention, which not only sounds like a cool reggae band, but would also allow you to work faster at work and allow you to react quicker when you play your sports on an evening.

Good as an aphrodisiac:

Yes, that’s correct it can supplement more than just your sports life and your work life, it can also help with your personal life. We’ll keep this one short because it’s supposed to be viewable by anyone… maybe just google aphrodisiac (if you’re unsure what we are talking about) and you’ll understand what we mean!


Thyroid Issues:

In people who consume way too much caffeine (the active ingredient in guarana) over a long period of time are more likely to burn out their thyroid gland, which is pretty bad as it is the true hormone regulator in the body. The health of your thyroid dictates the health of you and your skin, body temperature, nails, hair, light sensitivity… everything! So, if you are on your 4th energy drink this morning, or your 5th guarana complimented coffee, perhaps put that down for a bit?


Because caffeine is a drug (a stimulant to be more precise) it has adverse effects on health and energy. Someone only drinking their morning Joe will not experience any of this, but somebody drinking caffeine up to 6pm on a night will definitely feel these effects. One such effect of taking caffeine after mid-day is insomnia, because the drug still hasn’t had its half-life by the time you got to bed, this is where reading your phone till 2am on a Wednesday is coming from.


This isn’t really common and most-likely won’t happen to you if you take Guarana as you should or how you have been directed to use it. This only becomes a factor if you straight up take way too much in one go. In order for your body to stop overdosing it attempts to flush it out through vomiting, which as you know can cause people to become dizzy and bilious. Not good for your workout motivation.


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