A question I get frequently asked on my social media is what three products are my favourite and why do I take them from USN. So here are my top 3 supplements that i implement into my routine:


BCAA Amino Power Punch

It has no carbs in there; it’s got a blend of glutamine in there as well. I take this before and during training, it supports muscle growth, prevents fatigue whilst you’re training and it’s a great way of protecting your muscle whilst you’re training, so that you can use fat reserves whilst you’re training rather than muscle.


Whey Protein Isolate

I take this supplement first thing in the morning or post workout, purely because of the absorption rate, that’s why I take it instead of normal whey or a blended protein. I take this in the morning because the body has fasted for 8 hours whilst you’ve slept, so you want to get a good quick release of protein into the system, so a whey isolate is perfect for that. Post workout, you want to try to get the nutrients back into the body, as fast as possible, so that 30minute window after training that’s the best time to get those nutrients back in.

Muscle Fuel Anabolic

I tend to take this if I’m in a maintenance phase or if I’m trying to grown on a bulk phase. The reason for that is because it’s got a good blend of creatine in it, it’s got a high amount of carbs in there and a good amount of protein.  So it’s got everything the body needs and requires to grow muscle alongside a good balanced diet.

For me, I’ve tried the mass gainers; they’re very good for people who have a really high metabolism and they’re trying to slow it down and trying to get the calories in. I don’t struggle to put weight on, so I want something that will build lean muscle, whilst reducing the fat as much as possible.




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