I want to tell you about BCAA Power punch but I feel like I need to start this a story that was a very important part of my fitness journey that led me to using BCAA’s in the first place. punchblue


It must’ve been around 5 years after I started doing weight training (this wasn’t at a competitive level at all) purely just trying to stay in shape and socialise with friends at the gym. I was using any random protein supplements without any knowledge of what I really needed and just went for the lowest price most of the time. When I felt like I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be seeing, I had a chat with a very respectable local bodybuilder about supplements and what I should be using. This is when I heard about BCAA’s for the first time and when he said I should have been using BCAA’s from day 1, I can still remember the feeling of thinking I have just wasted so much time in the gym which did not feel good. I then did what I had with protein and always looked for the best deals, went through the trial and error phase of which ones I liked and disliked but even before I actually became part of Team USN, I had been using Power Punch and these are just a couple of great reasons why:

USN BCAA Power Punch is a blend of L-glutamine and amino acids

Formulated to help build lean muscle size

Improves performance and stamina

Drink it during workout to speed up recovery


I will not train without having my BCAA’s and whey protein at the ready as I know I need the best recovery for my muscles as possible and I can rely on this.


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