What are they? Well, in a nutshell: protein!

Much in the same way when we look of what air is comprised of, we find oxygen, hydrogen and the individual components that make up ‘air’.punchblue

When we look at what protein is made up from, we find a wide range of 20 amino acids that we categorize into two groups: essential, and non essential. There are 9 ‘essential’ amino acids, known as such because they are essential to our diets because our body’s cells cannot manufacture them alone.

Now, to keep this relatively simply and not to confuse, of all the amino acids that make up protein, there are only 3 specific amino acids we’re talking about here: the BRANCHED-CHAINED-AMINO-ACIDS (BCAA’s) – meaning they are already linked in a chain-like formation. These 3 BCAA’s are called 1: Leucine, 2: Iso-Leucine, and, 3: Valine.

Without these 3 BCAA’s, we cannot and will not synthesize protein. Basically, this means all your hard work, early mornings and pain your put yourself through in the strive for progress will go to waste if you don’t have these bad-boys lurking in ample amounts in your diets.

I sympathise, it can be hard to make sure you have sufficient levels present in your system when you need them most, and its also hard to know how much is actually in your foods and what foods contain them. So, USN have done the hard work for you: AMINO-GRO is frothing full of them, so before, during and after your hard work in or outside of the gym you can be sure you are never depleteing your muscles and falling into the ever-feared catabolic (muscle-wasting) state and you’ll be able to stay anabolic (muscle-growing/repairing) all day everyday. I tend to reach for my AMINO-GRO powder and mix some in with my B4-BOMB pre-workout drink, and another scoop to use as an intra-workout drink so I am never running on fumes during tough workouts – meaning I don’t lose any of the results I deserve from the efforts put in in bcaastackthe gym!

For the other 22-or-so hours of the day, we also need to have these 3 BCAA’s present to keep protein synthesize happening while we are at home, work, sleeping etc. so the recovering can continue uninterrupted. So to make this happen, I reach for my USN BCAA’s capsules SYNTHO-STACK, packed with these 3 essential aminos and a pro-hormone testosterone boosting complex which means I’m growing and recovering all day everyday.

So if that sounds appealing to you and your fitness goals, I highly recommend you do the same!

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