Throughout my training there’s been a number of supplements I’ve always kept to help me perform at my optimum, Pre-Workouts being one of them.

There are so many on the market but how do you know which one to choose? I’ve used so many different types and finally found the one that I feel pushes my training to a higher level. USN B4 Burn has been part of my supplementation regiment for over a year now and its formula is so perfect to my training I’ve never thought about changing.mandiehero

Why did I choose B4 Burn? The main factor that sold itself to me was zero sugar. I don’t like to have a lot of sugar in my diet and I would hate to compromise my nutrition through the use of a pre-workout. B4 Burn gives me the boost and energy to explode through my workout without any sugar or creatine. B4 Burn is formulated through coffee bean extract to help provide me with long standing energy, endurance and to enhance my metabolism. Another reason I chose to switch to the B4 Burn is because of it being a thermogenic pre-workout, but what is thermogenic?

Thermogenic is the production of heat which focuses on the acceleration of metabolism and fat burning potential. With B4 Burn being a thermogenic pre-workout it produces heat within the body to increase alertness and energy which allows me to train harder each session as well as burn fat to maintain my lean physique.

Now with all those benefits B4 Burn is pretty much a winner in my eyes but there’s one more property that has a major influence when picking out a pre-workout. There’s a few thermogenic pre-workouts on the market but what makes the B4 Burn stand out from the rest? The Taste! B4 Burn comes with a Pink Lemonade flavour and it’s tangy, rich tingly sensation it leaves after you try the first scoop is enough to make me want to take more! Usually I have that squishy lipped look when I attempt to swallow other pre-workouts which are either too bitter or too chalky which is far from the smooth and refreshing taste of B4 Burn.

How to use: Take 1-2 scoops 30 minutes before your workout and watch the results unfold!

To find out more about B4 Burn, click here!


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