At USN we want to make sports nutrition as convenient and as efficient as possible, for all kinds of sports people and regular exercisers. Which is why it’s really annoying when you go to pull your protein shake out and it’s flowing through the seal on the cup, or you need constant water but your bottle is only 500ml, so you have to keep refilling it… or maybe you have no easy way of lumping all your shakes, bars, water, towel and hoody around (hopefully supplied by USN… right guys?). Whatever minor inconveniences the gym may bring, we’re prepared for you, here’s how we can help!

The Mega-Shaker:

Bigger gains = need for more nutrients = DRINK MORE SHAKE. It’s not really a formula, more-so common sense. If you had someone who was 9 stone and someone who was 19 stone, I can guarantee you the guy who is 19 stone is the one who is going to need more nutrients to stay healthy. So that’s why we made the Mega-Shaker, now with a 1 litre capacity and perfect for when you need to consume more in shorter spaces of time:

A large water bottle:

Kinda sticking with the bigger is better theme from the previous point, it is very irritating to have to leave your workout a good 8 or 9 times, within the duration of it and have to refill your 75cl bottle again… SO to solve this problem we have the USN Water Jug, 2.2L capacity and is also transportable! No more refills interrupting your routine now:

A big bag:

Okay it seems that there may be a pattern with this list, but this bag isn’t just a big bag to put all your loot in; it is ergonomically designed. The USN Sports Hold-All Bag is perfect for those of you that play sports and are busy people in general. Need to rush from work, to the gym and then straight to footy training? No problem, because the bag is big enough, strong enough and comfortable to wear enough for most:

And that’s it for today! Just a couple items that are basically gym life hacks, now you can rid those minor inconveniences. If you want to get your hands on some relatively cheap, yet quality and cool stuff like t-shirts and hoodies, we sell them too:


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