Okay, a lot has happened since my last blog, training had been going well, my weight had dropped, I felt fit and strong and better about myself. THANKS to the USN supplements and the nutrition knowledge from the guys there.


Sunday 19th May, Lincoln at home – Stratford FC. 20 minutes on the clock, the ball came towards me and I tried to throw a dummy, my leg extended out to the side… a push off to change of direction…. my knee collapsed inwards… and a ‘POP’ OUCHHHHHH!

I’m not one to go down injured, but this sent me to the floor! I sat up, took a few breaths and walked off the field.

I felt ok, my knee was no bother, so I returned back to the pitch; 3 minutes later, a small twist and a pull on the inside of my knee, this was game over for me, my day was to be ending early.

The physio and doctor at BCLFC and EIS both did the manual ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tests and it appeared to be negative.

The doctor wasn’t convinced so arranged for me to have an MRI scan a few days later, which then proved that there was in fact an ACL rupture, which unfortunately requires an operation.


I popped myself on the train and headed to London, Cromwell Hospital to be precise. Andy Williams was my surgeon, he was recommended by the FA and he is known to be the best in town; he has operated on other footballers and professional athletes, so I knew I was in good hands.

I arrived at the hospital at 3pm, where I chilled out for a few hours before I was wheeled down to the anaesthetic room and I had the first part of the medication, it started with a drowsy and a drunken feeling, then bang, I was out cold.

Before I knew it I was woken by the doctor calling my name, I slowly came round and was able to function, my body shook for about 10 minutes, can’t tell you why?! Due to all the drugs, I wasn’t in much pain, I felt ok; I didn’t sleep great, but hey, its only sleep!

The journey home was probably the most painful time, 3 hours in a car and not being able to get comfy. Annoying!


First few days post surgery, I just chilled at home, sofa, leg elevated, ice, simple exercises and that’s it. RELLLLLAX! The diet was still strict though – very few, if any carbs, plenty of meat, fish and veg. Lots USN goodies, Active Joint Plex, EFA Triple Omega, BCAA‘s, Glutamine,Protein and whatever else helps.


I ventured back to London for a 3 minute meeting with Andy Williams, he took a to look at my leg, “straighten it, bend it, tense it…. Perfect” … I am where I need to be, so he was happy which makes me happy, on the knee front anyway. Then I have to trek another 3 hours home to complete my 6hours round trip to and from London. SNORE!!… Video call next time perhaps!


I am now 3 weeks into rehab, I’m seeing the physio 3 times a week, I’m gradually getting stronger, leg to near full extension, 90 degree bend, a little bit of muscle, so all is well!

The arm bike machine is getting boring, single leg bike is annoying, and the so-called rowing is doing me in. Roll on running, the usual target is 12 weeks from surgery, but depending on how diligent your rehab is, or not, that can change.

My next review is after 12 weeks; I will need full extension with a slight hyperextension, a full bend and more muscle…9 weeks to accomplish this, not a problem!!


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