We all know that routine is what works best for us human beings, and we all know what is and what isn’t healthy and good for us. And deep, deep down (some deeper than others) we DO KNOW that working out regularly is very good for us. Within reason of course. If you’re already working out regularly, subconsciously, then you are probably already reaping the benefits. Nevertheless, still read this blog – just for that extra bit of motivation.

  1. You sleep better

This one is common sense, right? You expend more energy during your waking hours = something your body has a reason to sleep for. A healthy sleep schedule/routine can also be found to contribute towards weight loss since you are allowing your body lots of quality time (sleep) to regenerate and relax. The more you’re doing during the day, the more tired you will be on a night. Also, because you’re sleeping better, you’re likely to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day!


  1. You can socialise more

Unless you have a gym in your house, it’s likely that you go somewhere to work out. Whether this be the local gym, the leisure centre, a walk/jog/run around the streets… you’re bound to bump into someone doing something similar. Going to the gym and joining classes helps you become a “regular” at the gym and will also help you bump into other “regulars” who clearly have the same interests as you. Who knows, you may even become friends outside of the workouts!


  1. You will become more relaxed

Exercising allows your body to release endorphins, both during your workout and after! Ever wondered why you feel so much better after a workout, even if you didn’t particularly want to go in the first place? It’s because you got your blood pumping those lil happy hormones around your body. Just think, doing this regularly will relax you, and make you a happier person, and we all love happy people.


  1. Lose weight / tone up / get ripped

This one is a given. Regularly burning calories by hitting your workout on a regular basis is always going to aid you towards your fitness goals. This could be losing weight, toning up, bulking up, shredding down, gaining weight, improving your cardiovascular system – the list is endless!


  1. You can afford THAT cheat day

Since you’re working out regularly, your body will enter a new inner-body routine (like with the sleep thing!) For example, if you’re working out 5-6 days per week and have one cheat day – it’s likely that it won’t affect you as long-term as it would have done if you were only working out 1-3 times per week, every so often.

6. You’ll regularly look your best self
Did you the old you ever get invited along to a last-minute plan where you needed to look relatively decent? We all know it – the old you wouldn’t have been working out regularly and therefore would have panicked when it came to accepting this invitation. Whereas NOW you’re sweating regularly, you’re more likely to be in shape nearly all the time! (we’ll exclude illness and injury related issues for this one!) Which means that you will always fit into those favourite jeans and top!

7. Your skin will improve
Of course it will. You will be drinking so. much. water.
Subconscious things will be going on to contribute to your newly found glow too! Since you will be getting your heart pumping regularly, that delicious blood flow will head underneath the surface of your skin (it’s what gives you that sweaty red-faced look) and leave you with a lovely, not-as-red glow!

8. You can often speed your metabolism up a little
Okay, so this one will vary from person to person. But the rumour is often true… you can speed up your metabolism by working out! This has mostly been shown through people who undertake a lot of cardio activities such as running, for example. Yoga has also been shown to increase the metabolism by massaging the muscles in our abdomens during the sessions.

9.Burn calories doing… nothing!
Lifting weights has also been shown to increase the number of calories that our bodies burn during our rest periods (BMR) – especially when combined with our fabulous new night-time routine! How great is that?

10. You will rarely get bored
None of us like to be bored. It makes us fidgety.
On a serious note, if you’re heading to the gym regularly, you are likely to be spending at least an hour and a bit there during your sessions – which can amount to about 5-7 hours a week on average. When you’re not working out, your new-found hobby will have you meal-prepping, researching fresh workouts, and using your re-energised motivation to just do stuff. The more regular you get with your workouts, the more you will want to stay active, and the more you will find sitting around doing nothing challenging. You may find yourself walking your dog more, or walking yourself more! You may even begin to start hosting classes of your own as you get more experienced.

So, there you have it! Our top 10 favourite benefits of working out regularly. However, it is always important to ensure that you’re getting the perfect nutrients for your body to help you power through. Take a look at our fantastic range of supplements here (https://uk.usn-sport.com/en/products/discount-supplements) Oh and did we mention? They’re on offer!


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