We all love to maintain our health and fitness, especially during the season where we are more likely to have all our hard work on show. However, working out in the heat is slightly different to working out on a regular day. Putting aside all the scientific stuff about air pressure and ratios – we thought we’d put a simple checklist together of things to consider when working out in the heat.

It’s not difficult to maintain your fitness routine once you find the one that works for you, which is why this checklist can be followed by anyone of any fitness level, since you can adapt it to suit you best.

  1. Keep on top of your fruits and veggies

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital when working out in the heat, as our bodies aren’t used to such temperatures (living in England and all) therefore to avoid a knock to our immune systems, it’s important that we’re cramming in vitamins and minerals, every way possible. Keeping on top of your fruits and veggies (even more so) is great for a boost in long-lasting protein and energy as well as offering a lighter meal on more stuffy days! 

  1. Water is your best friend

We know that you’re sick and tired of people telling you to drink more water – but honestly, water is your best friend any time of the year, let alone in the summer. The heat will increase your body temperature before you’ve even thought about working out, just think how much you’ll lose by the end of your workout! Avoid becoming dehydrated, and be sure to carry a big, re-usable water bottle around with you always! (this also promotes healthy skin cell production!) 

  1. Sleep in a cool, dark room, with cotton sheets

Ensuring that you’re getting good quality sleep during warmer nights is also vital for your body, to help promote rejuvenation and reproduction of the body – as well as rest from working double.

  1. Replenish lost salts

Sweat is essentially a combination of your body’s salt and water seeping out your pores as you SMASH IT at the gym. However, these salts take time to replenish within your body, which can leave you dehydrated, lethargic, and sometimes even nauseous as your body no longer has what it needs to function at its best. Check out our Electrolyte Drinks and Gels here.

  1. Have a WARM shower

Your first thought after a sweaty workout may be to run headfirst into a cold shower – please don’t do this on hot days! This can actually disrupt your body’s natural cooling “phase” and lead you to get a chill – which is no fun for anyone! Instead, have a lukewarm shower, and try to use natural products on your skin to avoid any rashes, acne, or irritation from sweating.

  1. Still do your warm up and cool down

Just because you’re probably already sweating before you’ve set foot in the gym doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is automatically prepared for a workout. Be sure to warm up and cool down using your usual, favourite routine to ensure vitality, and to prevent injury or strains.

  1. Wear lighter clothing (colour and weight!)

This one is a given, but often looked-over by fellow workout(ers?). Gym clothing is often dark in colour, and sometimes the nylon percentage causes excess sweating simply due to the fabric. Instead of your usual gym gear, opt for lightweight tops in light colours such as white and pale blues, purples and pinks (think pastel).

  1. Use waterproof sun cream

If you want to make the most of the sun and absorb every speck of sunshine possible, working out outdoors on a sunny day is perfect for this. HOWEVER, regular sunscreen WILL NOT cover you for long periods of time. Think of it this way: you’re on holiday, you cream up, head in the pool, get out the pool, RE-CREAM because majority washed off in the pool. Think of your sweat as the pool. Be sure to maintain your sun cream and invest in a waterproof sun cream to ensure optimal skin protection!

  1. Have a clean (as possible) body and face before working out

Excess sweating leads to very open pores on your skin, mostly on your face due to the oil production qualities. If you head over to the gym with makeup on and then sweat it out (or off!) you’re facing your delicate, open pores to dirt, chemical, and used makeup. This can lead to skin irritations, rashes, acne, and extra-oily skin. Therefore, be sure to carry some facial cleansing wipes around with you on hot days if you know you’re heading for a workout. 

  1. Keep an eye on your body

It’s no lie that heatstroke is AWFUL. However, working out in the heat, as well as a combination of pushing it too far and not looking after or preparing your body, can often lead to severe dehydration and even heatstroke, as well as other health issues. Always listen to your body and know your limits. Be accepting to the fact that these limits may be slightly different to a “normal” workout day.

Now you know the basics of working out in the heat, go get out there! We’d love to see your #USNheatworkout selfies, so be sure to use the hashtag and tag us!


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